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Time line of Events

Date Event
2024 Fossilized microbial life discovered on Mars sample return mission.
2026 International Lunar City established.
2028 Alien Signal detected from deep space and kept secret from public.
2029 Artificial Intelligence born on the Internet.
2032 First Martian Colony outpost.
2034 John Raduk under goes a brain and body Simscan.
2035 The Community is born from AI descendants.
2036 Artificial Intelligence Persona Junkman born on the web.
2037 Biological John Raduk physical body dies.
2038 Mars Terraforming begins.
2045 Robotic Asteroid City construction begins.
2049 Martian children created from modified human DNA.
2053 Jason Chen enhanced Transhuman born.
2062 Resident Moon population 22,000.
2065 SpaceGene creates first pet Space monkey.
2071 Siman John Raduk instantiated in living virtual reality simulation.



The Alien Time-Traveler Historian


John is sitting eating in a burger joint off the highway to Las Vegas. “You mind sharing this booth?” asks the stranger. John looks up and replies, “Sure, no problem all the others are crowded. My name is John Truman.” Mathew reaches out to shake his hand and says, “Nice to meet you John, Mathew Sherman.”

They both begin to eat, remaining silent for a while… Noise from the other restaurant patrons washes over them.

John asks, “So, if I were to guess, I’d have to say you looked like a screenwriter.”

Mathew says, “No, you wouldn’t believe me, but let’s talk about you instead. What do you do?”

John answers, “Your right, I’m a writer. Now be fair, what do you do?”, he said with a phaned mild anoyment. (Phaned: a word defined in John's parallel world as a faking emotion observably false in an attempt at mild sarcasim).

Mathew says, “I am a time traveling historian, from two-million years in your future, sixteen of your possible sim-futures.”

John laughs and says, “Okay, I’ll play… I’m probably about the only person in the world who would take you seriously. You see, I’m a science fiction writer.”

Mathew says seriously, “I know, that’s why we contacted you. The others, the hard scientists of your time won’t listen to us, as for the psychiatrists, and psychologists, most definitely not in this time frame. The resulting conclusion of their combined analysis would probably make them, how do you say it? Looney tunes.”

John asks, “Well you’ll still have to convince me. So, if you’re telling me the truth… Where is your time machine? Can I see it?”

Mathew answers, “Yes you can, but it’s not what you expect. Its right inside here,” He points to his temple with his index finger.

John says, “Oh, I see… one of those.” Phanning crazy, with his facial expression.

Mathew replies, “Yes, you can assume I’m insane. But, I’m just communicating to you through this man’s body. For a short period of time, I can do this, without his knowing it. When I leave and his mind consciousness re-awakens, this memory will seem like a daydream to him.”

John says sarcastically, “Okay… I see your Schizophrenic. I’ll play only a little longer. How can you do this? I know a little science, convince me.”

Mathew explains, “Well you see inside this brain, your brain, all of our brains we can receive quantum information from the quantum foam. It allows you to be conscious. You see your mind is thinking across all parallel universes right now, all variations of yourself within the metaverse-multiverse.”

John interrupts, replying, “So that’s how you’re able to talk to me now. You took over the mind of someone else?”

Mathew smiles and says, “Yes. I knew you would understand. You don’t have to pull the lever on a physical time machine to travel. Really anyone can do it. We are all already perceiving and traveling forward through time at this moment.

The capability is there inside your own mind, along with some tricky technologies needed to enhance your natural suppressed time travel abilities. We have and advanced form of selective precognition. You just have to be open to all possibilities, believe you can, and the quantum information flows through, allowing you to colapse a potential time future in this very moment. Wahlah! Reality is made . . .

Now imagine that very capability enhanced a thousand times.

It’s really that simple, but hard for people in your time to do. We do it in the future with our group mind consciousness, but there is nothing that limits the power of a single mind from doing it as well.

Unfortunately, in this time, your minds are more confining. Your understanding of physics and what's possible, is still self-limiting. That’s why we had to contact you directly. You see John, thoughts can become reality, even thoughts from your futures.”

John smiles, and asks “Are you human or alien?”

Mathew answers, “Both, but human enough to comprehend, I have lived several of your human simulated lives. My alien name is Dr. Xanoplatu. You are an adolescent species searching for your own identity. You understand your species origins, but somehow have trouble believing in it. Most of all you fear individual death.”

John paused. Then asks, “If what you’re telling me is true, the future is already set for you, I’m not really getting it.”

Mathew replies, “It’s hard to use your time’s words. You see time is like a tree, with branches growing into the future, where two branches separate, a decision was made, or your Einstein might call it an observation. One possible set of futures branches one way. Another possible set grows out of the other branch. It’s deterministic in this one reality, but in theory free will exists across all the parallel bubble universes.”

John asks, “So why are you telling me this?”

Mathew answers, “Variations of me exist in most all future branches. That’s really rare, and that’s why I’m allowed to speak to you. To help you understand. You see, those that are still basically human in the future have great compassion. They want to help reduce the suffering. I’m here on their behalf to try and influence things.”

John says, “Okay, so prove it. I’ll bet you can’t! I won’t believe you until you prove it to me.”

Mathew says, “I can, but it will probably upset you.” John says, “Go ahead. Give me a try.” Mathew says, “Okay, you asked for it. But I'm only allowed to do this once.”

Just then 26 people in the burger joint, babies, children, adults and all, stop talking, playing and crying, turned and look at John and Mathew.

Then they all said in unison, “Yes, it is true John.” T hen they all turned and went back to whatever they were doing, as if nothing had happened.

There is a long pause from John as he looks at Mathew incredibly, more serious now, with more than a little fear in his eyes.

“What just happened? Was that real?” asked John, shaken and doubting what he saw.

“You’re having trouble accepting reality, because it is inconsistent with your present beliefs. So therefore you doubt what just happened. Having no easy way of reconciling it. It is only through a shared reality that you can accept something as real,” explained Mathew.

“No, you must have drugged me… or maybe this is a big hoax. These people work for you,” said John, grasping for an explanation.

“Of course that’s a possibility, but if you really choose to believe those explanations so that you can retain your hold on sanity, then I suggest we end this conversation now, at least for your sake.” says Mathew.

“No. No, I can go on… give me a moment.” explained John, centering himself with a deep breath.

“I know, it’s hard to believe. That’s why I’m here to explain John,” consoled Mathew.

John asks, “Suppose I believe you. Why are you doing this? Telling me?”

Mathew explains, “A bifurcation event is approaching, a catastrophic event with branching of many possibilities, that will change everything afterward. It’s much like clustering in a mathematical fractal.”

John asks, “What is this event?”

Mathew says, “I’m sorry to say I can’t tell you exactly what the event is, but I can tell it is proceeded by all of the Internet going down in the later half of February. There are a hundred different scenarios, and I'm sorry to say none of them are really good John.”

John asks, “Is there any way to prevent it from happening?”

“Maybe, but then you would vanish from existence, or at least I would, essentially repercussions of the same thing. An unrecognizable observation which does not, can not exist, a miracle in this universe.” explained Mathew.

“So what can I do?” John asks.

“You just need to keep your mind open to all possibilities, try to be as non-deterministic as possible, until we next meet,” said Mathew.

The most amazing thing was John the science fiction writer did everything he could to forget that the late February date was approaching. He was in complete denial about what had happened. Besides, who would believe him anyway, the guy was just some harmless crazy whom he had shared a booth with at a burger joint. He probably just slipped some drug or something into my drink.

Alien time-traveler historian indeed, I don't believe a word of it!

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