Personal Virtual World Appliance - PVWA or How to Save Humanity with your own personal Virtual Reality for Free DIY Project!

Published by admin on Wed, 06/06/2012 - 14:00

How to build your own Personal Virtual World Appliance with Opensimulator Diva Distribution on Rocket Virtual by Michael Blade, AKA Michael McAnally.  June 2012


Here is what I used to build the Valis Prototype .

I also used a SSD hard drive to improve the performance of the database access times and reduce noise to zero.

If you complete the build drop me an email OR if you would be interested in purchasing a pre-build and configured Personal Virtual World Appliance, let me now as well...  I can be contacted here.

Below is an older video I did a few years back . . .  and here is the article on how to build your own virtual world...  I also write a science fiction blog here

Visit a Science Fiction World by Michael Blade

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