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Chapter 10 Space Casino

Everyone wanted to see more of Lunar City, and that evening Marva came by their suite to take them all out on the town. First was an elegant dinner, and then on to an entertainment space bar and gambling casino call Tranquility Base. It was a real wild place for sure, with loud Neuromusic and raised dancing platforms above a centrally located bar.

Each platform was more than three body lengths high, with slightly lower platforms greatly spaced and surrounding it. On top of all the platforms were naked female and male dancers doing things that would have been impossible in Earth gravity. Their leaps and spins were spectacular, as they jumped simultaneously from platform to platform, all around and over the bar, sometimes touching each other in mid air.

Each dancer was a perfect specimen of the male and female physique. Their nude bodies painted with colorful geometric designs and swirls, accentuating their erotic sexual nature even more.

“This place is unbelievable! I really love this moon,” said Nicky. He looked up, smiling lipless at the curves of an agile female performer, as she leaped spread-eagle overhead.

All of this seemed to clearly annoy Monica, who had quickly lost the focused attention of her Martian man.

“Luna laws on nudity in public establishments must be very different than those on Earth,” Jason stated matter of fact.

Marva after a moment responded thoughtfully. “We certainly appreciate the beauty of the human form as well as anyone in space or on planet. I think it might be because Lunarians are sometimes only inches away from a deadly vacuum. It somehow makes us feel courageously free to be naked and without spacesuit. You must remember we have no open sky with breathable air under which to even have an option to be nude. We live in smaller enclosed spaces, so I guess modesty about our bodies is just not a Lunarian trait,” she explained.

“Hm mm . . .” responded Jason. It was left at that.

Junkman had come along with them physically, still housed inside the holocube, but had not made himself visible, preferring to converse with Dr. Zenon on the project details, which he informed them earlier would be code named project 'Resurrection'.

Marva lead them all to the bar, where a robot bartender took their orders. When Marva asked Monica what she would like? Monica responded,” I don’t know, surprise me.” Marva ordered Monica a Space wreck, she said as she handed the drink over. “This one is quite strong. You look like you could use it,” and Jason caught a wink of her eye.

They all went over with their drinks to a nearby booth and slid in. The lighting in the room pulsed and changed regularly to match the prevailing mood of the Neuromusic which variously stimulated Beta, Alpha, Delta and Theta brain waves. Monica finished her drink and excused herself, saying she was going to the restroom.

Monica returned nearly nude in a black bra and panties, the rest of her clothes in her bag, which she tossed into the booth next to Nicky. That was not all. Her skin glowed like it was on fire with rainbow hues of red, orange, yellow, green, florescence blue and deep purple. The patterns were geometric like the other dances, but not static at all. They dynamically changed, chromo-flowing skin patterns, from triangle to square, to circle to ellipse and all manner of twisted form and shape.

Nicky was amazed and so was everyone else. Looking at all of them, see said. “Try that on for some sizzle!” Then she gyrated, perfectly imitating some of the moves of the dancers. Everyone clapped, including a few of the nearby patrons, along with thumbs up from one of the male dancers. Then Monica slid casually into the booth next to Nicky.

Later that night the casino owner approached a drunk Monica, picked up our enire tab and asked if she wanted a job as one of his dancers. He said they would be train her, but Monica politely declined. While Nicky and the rest of us where duely impressed.

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