Hi, My name is Michael McAnally and I am a freelance


My talents are fresh and up to date.
With true quality, attention to detail, beautiful designs,
interactive and impactful user app experiences.

My rates are reasonable.
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Doing what I love to do more than motivates me to get out of bed in the morning . . . It helps me to serve others better, allowing me to take pride in the quality of my craft.

I am the owner of Webmac Design and Programming. I've been doing website design and development as a professional for many years. Experience really does matter in this competitive domain. Design and technologies change rapidly and I constantly keep up to date with the latest and greatest in styles, tools and programming languages!

I am friendly, have a good sense of humor, and work well with all kinds of people. I won't waste your valuable time and I am always honest and upfront. I create beautifully responsive functional websites and apps at reasonable prices.

Contact me for a free consultation, the first step in acquiring a satisfying web design or app for your business.

Services Provided

I produce beautifully designed and engineered websites and apps which give the best user experience possible.
They are performance optimized to be fast and reliable.

Responsive Website Design

New & Existing Re-designs to give the best user experience, performance, both fast & reliable

Content Creation

Beautiful Custom Logos, Animations & Videos, Professional Content Writing & Blogging

UI/UX Experience Design

Information architecture, Interaction Design, User Interface Design & Visual Design

SEO Services

Analytics, Branding, Advertising & Marketing

Custom E-commerce Websites

Shopping Carts, Secure Transactions Pages

Mobile App Development

iOS & Android, Native & Web Apps

My Promise

Dazzling Content

Awe inspiring media that engulfs you, taking all to new destinations and experiences.

Well Documented Code

Newcomer friendly. Robust, bug free and vigorously tested code bases.

Analytical Insight

Analysis of data, giving insights into human behavior, leading to discovery and business opportunities.

Innovative Design

Groundbreaking yet timeless, new and different while introducing aesthetics which have not been seen before.

Reliable Support

Customer support and service can not be understated. Building solid relationships with our customers.

Robust Deliverables

Enduring timely project deliverables which are planned and designed with foresight and a dedication to quality.


Webmac Web Design and Programming Services including: Responsive Website Design, Content Creation, UI/UX Experience Design, SEO Services and Optimization, Custom E-commerce Websites, Mobile App Development.

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