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WEBMAC offers a complete spectrum of services from design-to-coding.    We accept only a limited number of projects at one time, giving each our complete undivided attention and that is a unique advantage!    Our clients always come first, not later like other web shops.    WEBMAC focuses completely on your business needs without compromising quality or your project timeline.    Whatever you need, we will make it happen in an efficient manner!

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Today our attention spans are fleeting, so making an impression in a few seconds is important.

A good graphic design creates an emotional response in the viewer by combining the use of color, form, relational layout and positioning, setting the over all tone with a consistent theme. Once you apply Graphic Design to a website it is considered a Web Design.

Web Designers use HTML5, CSS3 and tools like Photoshop. Web designers make pages look clean and beautiful on whatever device they are displayed. Web Design should be responsive to different screen sizes which vary by the device such as desktop, laptop, tablet, pad or phone. It is crucial to make sure imagery is presented as quickly and as cleanly as possible without compromising design integrity or creating any confusion to the visitor.

What does it take to create a Successful App?    Apps which are regularly used can increase posting to social networks, thereby driving free advertising traffic to your website.

Some basics, the two most popular software marketplaces for mobile apps are Apple's App Store, which sells apps for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads, and Google's Play store, which offers apps for Android phones and tablets. However, there are other app stores such as Amazon.

The programming languages for apps (Objective-C, Swift, Android) are different for each platform, but it is possible to create a hybrid-app which combines code and functionality.    A re-use of up to 80% of the code from both market places can be achieved.    They function the same and users of these apps are completely unaware of the difference between a natively coded app and a web app hybrid experience.

Some apps are downloaded for free and make money only from showing advertisements or have in-app purchases to sell additional features.    Although it's very rare for an app to go viral, if it does the profits can be significant because of the large numbers of mobile users involved.

After development and testing, the app is submitted it to Apple and Google.    With Apple you wait for approval, which usually takes a few weeks, then it appears in the App Store.    The Google approval process is much quicker and less stringent so it is sometimes best to publish to Apple followed immediately by Google.

It is true that Apple apps tend to make more money, however Android apps make up for this because there are many more devices in use world wide.    So it is important to have both.

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WEBMAC provides services in Content Creation, SEO and Effective Social Network Marketing Services such as Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube Videos, Custom Blog Writing and Professional Business Analysis.

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Awe inspiring media that engulfs you, taking all to new destinations and experiences.

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Groundbreaking yet timeless, new aesthetics which have not been seen before.

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Customer service can not be understated. Building solid relationships with customers.

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Discover our projects and the rigorous process of creation. Our principles are creativity, design, experience and knowledge. We are backed by 20 years of research.

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New & Existing Re-designs to give the best user experience, performance, both fast & reliable

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Beautiful Custom Logos, Animations & Videos, Professional Content Writing & Blogging

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Information architecture, Interaction Design, User Interface Design & Visual Design

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Doing what we love motivates us with passion to help serve others better, taking great pride in the quality of our craft. WEBMAC is owned by Michael McAnally who has been doing website design and development as a professional for years.

Experience really does matter in this competitive domain. Our team works well with all kinds of people, we promise not to waste your valuable time and will always be honest and upfront with you.

Accomplished Knowledge

HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript Frameworks
Bootstrap, Drupal CMS
PHP, MYSQL, Database Schemas, E-commerce
Mobile: Android, JAVA, Swift, WebApps
Graphic Design Layout, UI / UX, Wireframes, Personas
Marketing, Writing

Logo Design and Branding, Graphic Design and Layout, User Interface and User Experience Design, Website Design, Copy Writing, Database Design and Schema, Programming in a variety of languages on a variety of systems both front-end, back-end, external and internal websites including complex System Integrations of both New and Legacy architectures, Business Analysis, Solutions Architecture, Requirements Gathering, Thorough Documentation, Technical Programming Specifications, Wireframes, E-commerce Development and Configuration, Executive Reporting and Presentation, Content Creation, App development and Consultation, SEO and Effective Social Network Marketing (Adwords, Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blog Writing and Posting).

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Webmac has completed projects for a variety of clients both large and small.
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