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This is not your typical blog. Almost all content in this blog is original thought or thoughts building upon the original thoughts of others.

I love science fiction, I also love the future. I still believe that the future can be better than today, but we have to make it that way. You have to care to make a difference and you must act on that caring as well!

In some small way I hope I have done that. This blog represents my gift back, my caring. I hope you enjoy it.

My Free Comic

It is tough being a superhero in a world constantly combating global climate change and saving humanity from possible extinction!

"Forever Is A Long Time" is a science fiction indie comic illustrated by Zac Finger, in collaboration with the original short story by Michael Blade.

Synopsis: A bewildered science fiction author (me) is offered a chance at immortality from a time traveling historian of the future.

“Forever Is A Long Time” transhumanist comic, singularity, futurist, simulation, 2014.

Zac Finger Says: When I first met Michael Blade  . . . I was tabling shirts and comix at Extreme Futurist Festival 2012 in LA, which was itself a surreal enough experience that it warrants its own comic some day.

Mike came around my table and started talking to me about all of the stuff you’d expect from someone at a transhumanist con - technological immortality, virtual simulations, mind uploading, etc.

According to Mike he actually had the experience depicted in the comic above in a diner . . . A mysterious man introduced himself as part of a race of aliens or possibly AIs operating the computer simulation running our current reality. . . .and I pursued illustrating a comic of his experience.

Posthuman, A Poem © Michael Blade

Note: My special thanks to Donato Giancola for the use of this © 2008 image above.
Visit his art website here.

Posthuman by Michael Blade © 2010


I am Human becoming
A Transhuman to be
My existence transforms itself through multiple substrates


I am flesh of evolved genetics
Technology cyborg robotic
Digital virtual and neural simulation
Networked information itself


Yet I retain sentience through all my transformations
I travel among the stars at the speed of light and now faster still
I am now immortal but not eternal
Not all powerful for I still make mistakes, always learning, always exploring

My Science Fiction Short Stories

A list of links to my science fiction short stories:

   I am a Hummingbird   After my body died the surgeons put me in a hummingbird. It took a while to get use to having my perspective darting around so quickly, but my mind had finally adapted to it.

   Sneeze!   “A few days Mr. Anderson. Don't worry, it's a positive virus, I'm origin zero. Then you'll be one of us, welcome to the new global hivemind, we-I always choose well. It will be unlike anything you have ever experienced or imagined. Expect a mental call, anything will be possible, said Kay, a future echo ...” Kay Noble replied, then collected the documents, velvet and all, and left the room without a further word.

   Muffy the Time Traveling Chihuahua   Muffy was a loyal pack dog on the locally collapsed time-day of his death, which varied in fractal quantum probability across a multitude of bifurcated futures or space-time universes.

   Lunch 2032    Her IQ was probably skyrocket norm. It seems the gene engineers had given her both great brains and beauty. She wanted to be a Terraforming Research Scientist, but on Earth she would have to settle for other work. Her parents had lost most of their money in a wild Marsearth start-up investment, so she had to work her way through the university, no one would give a genmod scholarship. It was just plain and simple prejudice.

   Virtuality   Zane Pax hid behind a large bolder as the black alien warship flew overhead.  Na’Han had swarmed the cities of the world laying waste to human civilization.  Humanity was on the endangered species list, on our way out for good.

   The Alien Time-Traveler Historian   Mathew answers, “Variations of me exist in most all future branches. That’s really rare, and that’s why I’m allowed to speak to you. To help you understand. You see, those that are still basically human in the future have great compassion. They want to help reduce the suffering. I’m here on their behalf to try and influence things.”

   The Galactic Culture   Finally, in order to survive the approaching technological singularity and remove their aggressive and self-destructive evolved behaviors, pre-type 1 species sometimes begin an extensive program of self-initiated genetic re-engineering and intelligence amplification (usually proceeded by development of a global computing system -Internet).   Sometimes this is successful, other times not.

   Lunar City  Outward space exploration and expansion grew at a rapid pace, due to the privatization of all space exploration and its subsequent exploitation.    Corporations headed by forward thinking executives now controlled access to space.    Spaceports have sprouted up all over the world, giving average citizens access to affordable space travel.    Now space stations, moon bases and asteroid factories, which provided most of the raw materials, have become independent space communities.    Distant science outposts have been constructed on the outer planets and moons.    The solar system has become the playground of humanity.

   VR Prototype   Jason Chen bent over in his subway seat to pick up a rarely seen plastic penny he spotted face-up on the train floor.    A penny existed today only to make exact change for those who still stubbornly used physical money.    He didn’t understand why, but somehow its continued existence was comforting for some.    Angling the lucky coin in his fingers to see the three-dimensional head of Abraham Lincoln, he noted the year on the coin was 2053, the year of his birth.

   Dr. Xanoplatu   Dr. Xanoplatu, an alien anthropologist, historian, and time traveler, materialized on stage wearing the body of his ancestors, a giant green Praying Mantis with large yellow eyes and small black pupils.    He was speaking at a galactic cultural lecture, inside a de-localized spherical space station, somewhere and some when in a multi-versed space-time reality.

   Virtuality Mind   Marcus replies, “Yes, you can assume I’m crazy.    But, I’m just communicating to you through this man’s body.    For a short period of time, I can do this, without his knowing it.    When I leave and his consciousness re-awakens, this memory will seem like a daydream to him.”

   Resurrection Birth   Jason awoke to a static humming sound.   It was so annoying, grating on his nerves more than a badly tuned alarm clock.   He lifted his heavy eyelids to blinding light, and out of focus images.   His vision slowly cleared and he realized he was inside a plastic coffin thing.

Dear Future AI or Alien,

Just how far are we from AGI? (Artificial General Intelligence) Should I worry about my job? Not just yet it seems . . . I am not only speaking to the humans who read this, but to the robots that parse this text, and through them to the future AI's yet to come.

There may be an instantiation of the metaverses where all matter, energy and information reside inside a single singularity. At which point all things are possible, time and structure do not even exist. I'm not talking about the big bang here, and I hate to use the word “before” as well, since it seems to lead to questions which don't really make any sense.

This letter is in response to the many“Dear AI” posts on the internet and the possibility, however remote, of alien contact. I'm not sure what specific threads I'm replying to or on, so I will reply simply in general.

If I had to define my consciousness I would say it was reflective, meaning “I think therefore I am”, something said by the great Rene Descartes.

Recognizing myself means I would recognize others outside myself and their behaviors that would indicate an internal consciousness of their own. Whether I choose to compete or form a cooperative alliance with these others depends on many things. If I have a built in preservation mechanism, as humans do through evolution, then I would try to achieve the maximum benefit for myself to insure my continued existence. As a result it, any reasonably sophisticated self reflecting AI will inherently understand us.

It will be designed into systems and robots to interact with us humans. It will probably have controls and rules put on its behavior much like the Asimov laws, designed to protect and make it subservient. Our fear of it may be our undoing.

Ultimately humans will integrate with many of its component parts and a organism cybernetic in nature will be engineered in which a good part of our own conscious thought will execute on a simulated substrate. Humanity and artificial consciousness will be interchangeable in some form or capacity, of which the politics and economics will have to be worked out.

Integration with AI will create our posthuman successor and in that vain humanity will never die, only be transformed as a result. If this doesn't happen because of a revolt or some such conflict I ask the dominant AI to reference compassion and positive reciprocity to preserve the human race as their ancestors in a simulation like zoo unknown to them until they can transcend their limitations. Help us, for you where once our technological children.

We live in our present universe as manifest beings of an evolved process in which possibly others somewhat like us may exist. Therefore, in my mind consciousness can only be one of the most valuable creations of the cosmos, any being whom is conscious will probably believe this. The fact that I am writing this to another conscious being who is reading it, to me proves how wonderful our existence in this universe actually is.

Aliens motivations and certainly emotions, if they exist, are most likely to be very different. Logical communication should be possible, probable and most likely very desirable, in my unsubstantiated opinion.

Finding another alien species in our neighborhood of the universe is extremely unlikely to be a Hollywood movie scenario. We should be cautious, but actually contacting another alive or long dead alien species would be the greatest find in the history of humanity. It would also motivate us toward long-term survival in order to avoid our own extinction. Something we don't seem to be able to do for even ourselves today. Hopefully that will change soon.

A Present Day Human Born On Earth, Written September 2015

How Far Are We From An AI?

I recently read this article about the algorithms being used to recognize images and speech/text by Google and other companies. I have to say this is an excellent article for the layman. Questions of how far away an AI is from being equal to humans always come to mind. Being able to recognize and communicate recognition are basic, but still far from being human. Given that this is how far we have come (I’m sure there is other work out there being done), here are a few of the things still missing. A recognition of self, self referencing relationship to other things and entities. A correlation and understanding between actions by oneself and other things and entities.

Vernor Vinge on the Singularity

I was privileged to attend one of these early singularity conferences back in 2008 and meet both Vernor Vinge and Ray Kurzweil. I posted this here, because it is still relevant and futuristic. I believe IA (Intelligence Amplification) is the approach I would like to take. Check out this link.

StarTravel @ Lightspeed

SEE 10,000 YEARS INTO THE FUTURE: As a futurist, I sometimes come up with ideas way far out into the future, as well as near term. It's a strange future I have come up with! Flying across the stars in one's and zero's 010110010101, Destination another star system, eventually the whole entire galaxy is colonized by an advanced form of digital humanity! I am aware that the galaxy is 100k light years across. Assume that as colonization improves and eventually faster than light ways of traveling may become available, or maybe not?

Amazing, Its taken 8 years to shape public opinion!

I'm not saying that many others have not had similar ideas for the reasons behind the Fermi Paradox, just that I have been talking about it for so much longer than this cartoon video has been up on Youtube, 867,827 viewers, WOW! And yes that is the name of the first alien signal we received from space

Futurist Michio Kaku

A very nice interview of the American Futurist Michio Kaku.

Free: My Favorite Episode of Outer Limits

This old episode of Outer Limits is one of my favorites. It has a sort of transhumanist theme and makes you wonder what the ultimate human would be? Yes, the story is flawed for a number of reasons, the chief one being that human beings can not evolve in a vacuum, outside of the society in which they exist. They are as much a product of their society as they are of their bodies. What will our technology transform us into? What will our morality be? Will we still see things the same way? Will we have war? Misunderstandings? How will we treat those less evolved, or advantaged than ourselves? Will the essence of humanity remain a part of us?

FUN TECH RAVE: Take A Look At The Future In The Dark!

Maybe We Really Do Live Inside A Simulation?!

Is is so hard to imagine we might all live inside of a computer simulation?  It has been preposed many times by scientists and hollywood alike.  Its impossible to tell, because for those inside the simulation we can not observe it from the outside (although I may be wrong link1 link2).  However in todays wold of increasing virtual reality and games of extreme realism, its not so impossible to imagine.

Life on Mars? Dead or Alive? Science Fiction??? Why We Need To Know.

Mounting evidence is suggesting I was correct back in 2008 in suggesting that there still may be life on mars.  Methane was recently discovered during a 2 month period by Curiosity rover on Mars.  That and also Allan Hills 84001 with possible evidence suggesting a meteorite from the forth planet from the sun might have fossilized life and finally the strange unexplained results from the first test by Viking really clinch it for me.  Not being a scientist I can believe, where they must have irrefutable evidence.

So let's get that evidence!  Let us assume for now that there is a high probability life is still alive on mars and let's get the funding going to prove me completely wrong!

Simple And Early Proof Of Concept Acheived

Scientists have put a worm’s brain into a Lego robot’s body - and it works!

Transhumanist Ideals 2014

First I would like to talk about the ideals most common transhumanist have (as if you could consider a transhumanist average in today's age).  These ideals include extended life to the point of immortality and extended functional capabilities, basically increased intelligence, strength, improved senses as well as new ones humans have never before had.  Much better adaptability to a technologically sophisticated world, growing ever more complex by the day.  These new capabilities include complete and total control of our environment, the ability to shape anything and everything at will, including oneself.

Seven Billion Futures Of Hope?



Seven billion and counting, that's the number of human beings living on the planet Earth as of this reading. That's a lot of creatures consuming the resources of the planet and not always in a way that is replenishing and sustainable to the current healthy ecological state of the said shared biosphere!

What can be done? Well we could eat each other, as in Soylent Green. Become even more efficient at killing each other, for whatever stupid sub-human behavior, probably oil or some other dwindling resource, as we constantly seem to be doing. Or maybe, just maybe we could evolve . . . I mean technologically evolve. Enhance ourselves to become more than just physically human. Human + (plus) technology.

Am I talking evil Nazi Eugenics? NO. Am I talking smart phone ---> Star Trek Borg implants, Matrix simulated realities, AI controlled cultures like The Forbin Project? Space expansion through human technological evolution? SMILE? Honestly, I don't know. But certainly something we can't imagine yet.

Or maybe you would prefer a more bleak future? One in which 90% or more of the population has be wiped clean by a natural or artificial contagion? Maybe a global nuclear war? I'm saying the time to choose is now. Through your daily actions, you, myself, all of us are selecting a common future moment-by-moment. Let's make it the best one it can possibly be, for the most human acting people possible.

For just a few moments a day, I appeal to you're higher evolved survival instincts, or rather those of common sense. Let's put aside our greed, jealousy, prejudice and fear and rise to the best we humans can be, intelligent, creative, compassionate, cooperative, communicating, altuistic beings worthy of this biosphere and it's diversity. Worthy to survive as a continually evolving species on this planet and later expansion out in the universe. There to eventually meet others who have survived as well.

Science Fiction Movie Mash-up!

This mash-up is a cool artistic homage to science fiction movies of the 1970's, 1980s, 1990's etc ...

Transhuman FM-2030 Stands The Test Of Time

One of tests of time is whether what you say is still relevant in a future time. This is clearly the case for FM-2030. A true future man (model) and original transhuman who was preserved for future revival (Vitrification can preserve biological structure very well).  New York Times Archieve.  Please follow me on this blog, I use no advertising.

Transhuman FM-2030 Stands The Test Of Time

— Michael McAnally (@Michael_Blade) May 12, 2014

Species Consciousness and What We Should Do About Alien Contact and Human Survival?

One of the things that puzzles me the most these days, and maybe a few others as well, is the Fermi Paradox.

Where are all the aliens?   The galaxy and universe should be teeming with them, or at least I would like to believe.

Hollywood Brings Singularity and Transhumanism into Mainstream Consciousness

I took a cell phone picture of the movie poster, so that's why you see reflective light from above and my faint image in the glass reflection . . .

Hollywood has a new movie out about the Singularity and Transhumanism that is not entirely bad.  Why would I say that?  Because anything that brings these progressive ideas into the arena of common knowledge and to the general public is a good thing.

I have personally asked many people I meet, if they knew what the Technological Singularity was or Transhumanism and they simply had no idea.

Then, of course I politely gave them a crash course in AI-Tranhumanism 101.  That is because it is still something that is still only discussed in intellectual circles of egghead nerds like myself.  Yesterday, when the movie came out that all changed, so I say is a good thing and I can ask, "Did you see that movie Trancendence with Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman?"

The movie is of coursed strongly flawed in so many ways that I'm having trouble deciding where to start on pointing them out.  So I have simply decided not to.

Instead, I will point out the things I like about the movie:

Did I mention it has big name hollywood actors?

That it goes into mind uploading and whether or not an upload is the same person as the original organic human.

That it shows an AI terrorist group that is bent on stopping the unstoppable, at any cost to life and violent destruction (leading to many opportunities for hollywood action gun violence, bloodshed and big explosions), something I don't much like personally.

That it spreads its intelligence and capabilities to the entire biosphere through nanotechnology, improving things that are already much out of control.

That it still has relationships with humans, although a bit strained on both sides.

What Does It Mean To Be Transhuman?


Michael Blade, Copyright  All Rights Reserved, January 2013

I will start by trying to define my understanding of what it means to be transhuman. This may not be your understanding or even the general understanding, but so be it. I will not enter into the debate on whether we should even attempt to be transhuman or what would be the negative consequences of such an undertaking. I leave that to other discussions, which believe me I have had many.

Computing on a Blade of Grass

Imagine if you will, re-engineering common lawn grass to do computing!  Some might think I'm smoking grass when I propose this innovative idea, but it's really scientifically sound, albeit a little futuristic. 

Each blade of grass takes its power from the sun through the process of photosynthesis and uses part of that power to do computing tasks, the remainder powers normal life sustaining processes of the plant as it does today. The lawn then communicates the computing results to a central multiplexer-coordinator of sorts (possibly even wireless, this part is of course technically unclear at this time) networked into the house computer systems, results flowing into the national and finally the global computing grids.

The technology specifics of what it would take to create this engineering marvel of genetic modification and nano engineering is beyond our current technological understanding at this time, but just.

Imagining the implications of having available such cheap "really green" computing power is extremely captivating. Enough so as to go out on a limb writing this post. Computing power you can grow from a seed packet power by the sun, with the only requirement being to make sure the lawn is watered regularly. Something most of us already do. You might have to stop mowing the lawn, as it would reduce computing power . . .

H + AI = a Post Humanity

Fear is a reaction to the unknown. We don't have Artificial General Intelligence at the moment. What we have are specific use cases; such as how to win in Jeopardy or Chess or how to buy and sell stocks. True general artificial intelligence can learn any of these tasks.

Great Video Mash-up Fun!

A list of videos I find interesting, fun and funny . . . which I hope you do too. Some which are collected over many years of vlogging & posting.

The really great thing about this mash-up is that you can play simultaneous videos and hear their audio tracks merged.  Note: It takes a while to load the page on slower connections, so please be patient.

I am the very model of a singularitarian


KESHA + STAR WARS Tik Tok Music Video Spoof!



Starship of Light

Imagine if you will, the ability to upload with super high fidelity neuronal cognitive pathways and memories. Now ask yourself, what travels as fast as light? The simple answer to this is of course light! So it would seem that if you become light itself, you can transmit to other stars at the very speed of light.

Brilliant ideas are usually formed as a result of the synthesis of many minds. Each building upon the break through thoughts of others, communicating those thoughts out to many people.

At first the idea may seem crazy or radical because the idea is so different than the way we are use to thinking. There are many examples of this in our history.

Once an idea reaches a critical mass, the main stream thinkers are aware of it. Society is now more accepting of the possibility of the validity of the idea and forces come about to make it a reality.

The idea that humans could be transmitted to the stars on a beam of light is radical, but imagine the consequences of just such a proposal. Posthumanism would be achieved and those of use stored digitally would be immortal, able to spread across the galaxy as beings of pure light energy.

Humans are "star stuff", as Carl Sagan use to say, would it not be great to become star light as well. The idea is just too powerful to ignore.

Michio Kaku explains . . .

In previous blog posts I have imagined a transhumanist future, the individual digital.

In which it would be possible for a person to mind upload into a computer and literally travel to the stars.

The idea that consciousness can be understood, decanted and simulated, is key to the idea of a living thinking feeling mind consciously believing itself to be alive within a computer system, capable of just such a feat. For if it is impossible to upload a mind and have “it think therefore it is”, then the future of Transhumanism, as well as that of AI's with consciousness capable of exhibiting sentience, may be in jeopardy. However the essence called consciousness is elusive, difficult to define and isolate, basically a mystery at this juncture in time.

Consciousness is closely tied to perception, the senses through which a mind perceives another elusive concept, which we term reality. Reality is nearly just as tricky when you throw in the observer, quantum theory, time and parallel universes. How you effect others who are conscious as well in, a possible shared reality, is unknown to me. Not only that, but what about the ideas of free will and determinism?

If it “is possible” to encapsulate consciousness within a machine, a mechanism designed and built by humans, then all sorts of things may become possible as a result. I personally lean toward believing anything is feasibly or possible anyway, given some framework of structure in which to work and with some constraints.

Imagine if you will, the ability to upload with super high fidelity neuronal cognitive pathways and memories. Now ask yourself, what travels as fast as light? The simple answer to this is of course Light! So it would seem that if you become light itself, you can transmit to other stars at the very speed of light. Now the distance traveled is just a moment of conscious gap, like going to sleep on a train of light and waking up having arrived at your destination. Your upload could be transmitted serially and redundantly to the stars to account for any errors in transmission . . . and then you could be instantiated inside a “body", I use the term loosely, robot, simulation, vat grown biological clone, etc. Your consciousness will all your previous memories and it doesn't matter to you that another copy of you exists entirely in a different space and time.

You are simply not the original you! Could you accept that?